Monday, November 14, 2011

The History project of Feudalism

   The story of the feudalism boy”
Jose angel was a 15 years old boy.That grew up working as a serf.He never like that job,because he had to work for lots of hours,and hes family had to pay the taxes that the kings/lord’s told them to pay.Something that he really always like was the temples.He like how they look,and the religion.He is someone that likes to go in adventures,or steal staff .
         Jose angel is always jealous about  how the peasants don't even have to worried about how much taxes they had to pay.Sometimes hes family run out of food and he well get really upset.In the 14 century the knights already were using guns ,so it was hard to run away .That was the the night were everything stared . He and hes best friend family run out of food.That is why they went out to steal food from the knights,then while trying to get away his best friend got shot ,while both were running.That night was the worst night ever.Jose angel,was tired of having that horrible life just working for others,and not having any freedoms.That is why he decide to live his house and, lave a  note for his parent  saying good buy to them.
      He run away to another place in Europe,to work  with someone else(“what other choice did he had”).To star working for another king he need a feudal contract,so he use his dads.There he fall in love with the king daughter,but couldn't  really be with her,because he was a serf/slave.The third night that he was working for the king their was a big fire in the castle,and he save the princess.That night everything change the king star to trust him more, and star to give hem more privilege,like less hours of work.Jose angel was like a a special serf for the king.The king others serfs were very jealous,that is why they plan to get him on jail,by killing,a knight and blaming him.He was on jail for two and a half f year.Because a big war came up and he safe the king,but since the king was heart when he was about to died,he gave he gave him his  ring and put him in charge.