Saturday, June 30, 2012

Titian an Italian Renaissiance Artist

Titian, was an Italian Renaissance who at the age of about twelve was apprenticed to the studios of Gentile and Giovanni Bellini,(an artists in Venice).There he meet new artists and had some issues with some of them. He was not a great architect or sculptor like Michelangelo,he was just a painter.A painter who utilized colours in his drawings.Using paint and brushwork made him the foremost painter in Venice,and that is what brought him great fame in his own lifetime.
In my opinion,Titian was a very cool person because he used colours in his drawings, which made everything interesting and colorful.I love to see colorful things like that,because it makes the paintings look different and good.It also makes people want to look at them more because the colors grabe people's attention.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Medeci Family

Ruthless Ambition:The Medici always clawed their way to the top,they sometimes did it through bribery, corruption and violence. Those who stood in their way end up humiliated or dead.The Medici exploited a network of “friends of friends” - hangers on who would do anything to stay close to the family.The power of the Mediciu went alway to Rome,were even the papacy was something to be bought or sold.
god's banker:The Medici created a lucrative partnership with another medieval power, the Catholic Church. In what had to be the most ingenious enterprises of all time,if people didn't pay what the were suppos to be paying,then they well get kill.
Losing Face////A lost of face is when, for example:Fielfo was an a claimed Cosimo(a traitor and a cheat),one time he thought that he was goling to get away with what he did since he was still a live,but one day he was in a different sociaty with a different type of justice and he got beat up,and when they were done with him he ended up having a fresh wound ,stretching right across hius face,from ear to ear.That is why they called it a losing face, because is humiliating (Revenge)and embarres at the same time. 
Opinion:I think that the Medici had the things that they wanted to have, because they were very strict,they punish people hard if they didn't do their job.